Our favorite simple tips for staying organized...

We all have more stuff than we need. Even professional organizers find themselves getting overwhelmed and squeezed out by their possessions.  At Home Space Harmony we can’t wait to share 5 tried and true tips for staying organized and not letting your stuff (paper, clothes, toys) take over.

Tip #1: Put like with like

One of the easiest ways to organize your space is to group similar items together.  Designate a drawer, shelf or basket for a category whether it be chargers, gift cards, hair ties, or batteries. So many times we go into homes and find batteries stored in hallway closets, kitchen cabinets and bathroom drawers.  Trust us, grouping like-with-like cuts down your time searching for those items.

Tip #2: Everything needs a home

Once you have grouped like items, designate a place for everything. An item is clutter if it does not occupy some specific location when not in use. For instance, everyone has a place in their home for silverware.  If you found a random fork under your bed or a knife in your office you would know immediately where it belongs. Everything in your space should be this easy to put away. Don’t bring something in the house unless you know exactly where it will live.  And make sure everyone else who lives with you knows it as well.

Tip #3: Make tidy a habit

Just start getting in the habit of doing things right away. Clutter often comes out of postponed decisions. Try to hang up your coat when you come in the door. Open your mail and sort immediately. Try to deal with the dishes right after you use them or make the bed when you get out of it. These are things organized people routinely do.

Tip #4: Bring order to daily routines

Be mindful of natural household patterns and set up simple solutions that can become habits. Do kids come in and take shoes off by the door? Create a drop zone there. Put a small bowl by the front door for keys or a galvanized tub with sunscreen and bug spray near the porch door.  

Tip #5: Let your space define how much you can own

Decide how much space you want to allocate to a particular category and then stick to it. For instance, dedicate one shelf to storing your sweaters. When that shelf is full and you buy another sweater, something has to go. So that means you will need to shop with intention.  Think before you buy and ask yourself do I really need/want/love this and where will it live in my space.