Pamela's approach with clients is one of gentle industriousness.  She helped me take on an overwhelming project (which I'd been avoiding for months) and break it down into manageable chunks.  We worked together to figure out what to toss, keep, and recycle, and she kept me going when I would have quit.  She was sensitive to my need to process information gradually and recognized the areas where I'm organizationally challenged.  At our first meeting, she sensed when it was time to stop and wisely gave me "homework" to continue on my own. 

She kindly checked up on my progress (so I wasn't off the hook!).  Importantly, at our second session, she recommended a new system to process paperwork moving forward.  Finally, she helped me use existing furniture and artwork, while recommending a few new focal point pieces to pull together a final "look" that fits my personality to a tee.  Would highly recommend her to anyone who's been procrastinating a declutter project and who desires a fabulous new space.


lexington, MA

My office had become a dumping ground - a place where I no longer wanted to spend any time and where I often kept the door closed. There was too much furniture, no clear surfaces, and a closet filled to the brim. With Pamela’s assistance it has turned into a cheery clutter-free space where all family members can work.  Pamela was able to help me sort through the stacks of paperwork and tech clutter into piles of trash, recycle, and donate. She also helped me make decisions on purging of furniture and placement in the room to make for a much more appealing space.  I appreciated her timely follow-up email outlining tasks and target completion dates which made the project much more manageable. I would highly recommend her services for any organizing project.


Winchester, MA

I was hesitant (embarrassed) about having someone in my house to see the mess in my office/playroom that has served as a “catch all” for years!!  All that was forgotten once Pamela arrived—she was so pleasant and professional, got right to work and was able to help me organize the whole room in a matter of hours. She helped me determine what to keep, what to donate and what to throw away and then came up with a system that will keep the space organized moving forward. She immediately was able to asses the room and make recommendations for making it a fantastic family space that I would have never thought possible. It feels so good to walk into the room and know that everything we organized will stay organized thanks to Pamela’s thoughtful planning.

Thank you Pamela—not only am I thrilled with the room you organized but have also used your ideas throughout the rest of the house!

Lori B.

Arlington, MA

I have a home library/office that I always would avoid going into. Pamela helped me recreate this space into a place I really now want to visit and live in. Not only did she get rid of the clutter but she highlighted collections that were really special to me but were getting lost. Pamela was so understanding of how I wanted to use the room and redesigned it so every time I walk into this room it makes me so happy.

I plan on having her back to work her magic on my dining room that has become my storage room.


Concord, MA

When I hired Home Space Harmony to help me organize my basement, I didn’t know what to expect. I had already done some weeding, and felt that the space looked pretty neat and tidy. The real value in Pamela helping me was her suggestions of how to store my items. Like items went with like items, e.g. small appliances with small appliances, party supplies with party supplies, etc. The whole space makes so much more sense and I was able to gather scattered items into groups. In the process, so much more space became available. Her philosophy really made me change the way I look at storage in other parts of my home.

Pamela was so easy to work with and maintained such a positive and upbeat attitude that the whole process was really enjoyable!